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Data Centres (DC) requires redundancy, designed into every critical system from air-conditioning to electrical system depending on the Tier level required. Our Principal is an Uptime Certified Data Centre Specialist, and therefore, ADC is more than capable to undertake such project and its implementation. 

Our Building Information Modelling (BIM) capabilities in combination with Computerised Fluid Dynamics (CFD), enhances our service accuracy level to ensure that the Data Centre is well coordinated prior to implementation.

In addition, we fervently believe “Digitalization and Decarbonization” needs to go hand in hand.  Data Centre (DC) is becoming more and more a focal point for Green IT, due to its current position as energy consumer of about 1.5% of the world energy, and growing rapidly.  This necessitates the push for DC to take steps to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.  DC to be ESG-friendly and GREEN is about two key considerations; Low PUE and GREEN source of energy.  In these two (2) areas, we at ADC also have the necessary knowledge, experiences and contacts. 

In the field of combine generation, which is key alternative power approach for DC so as to be able to get SUFFICIENT power and ON TIME, we have experience working with In-situ Cogen concessionaires, who are able to fund the energy plant as an Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) company.  In general, This COGEN route of ''Energy Optimizing Strategy'' is through ''Primary Utilization of ''COGEN or TRIGEN ENERGY source, as the GREEN SECONDARY SOURCE'' while retaining on ''STANDBY the GRID PRIMARY Source''.
''While putting in place a great DC MEP system is our priority as
Responsible & Experience Engineers,
We hope to bring to the table, potentially a
ZERO CAPEX Performance Guaranteed Solution,
for your DC GREEN Energy Source, whilst mitigating the concerns of
Energy Plant longevity and reliability.

Data Centre project

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