Our services are characterized by our company’s values and objectives, and our firm determination to keep our commitment to our clients.  Our capabilities stretch from conventional residential buildings, GREEN Buildings to specialized industrial buildings such as aircraft hangars.  The design and supervision scope of service offered are:

  1. Air-conditioning System – Variable Air Volume (VAV) System, Primary and Secondary Chilled Water Pumps, Efficient Split System, Underfloor or Air Heating System, Cleanrooms Environment, etc.

  2. Mechanical Ventilation System – General, Industrial, Smoke Control and Management System, Staircase and Lift Lobby Pressurisation System, etc.

  3. Fire Protection Services for Commercial and Residential Buildings – Wet Active System and Passive System for buildings in compliance with Local Authority Requirements and Local Applicable Codes including UBBL and British Standards.

  4. Fire Protection Services for Specialised Buildings and Hangars – Wet Active System, Foam System, High Technology Fire Detection Systems in compliance with UBBL, British Standards, NFPA Standards, etc.

  5. Vertical and Horizontal Transportation – with consideration to travel distance, purpose, traffic characteristic, occupant status of buildings which defers from one building to another.

  6. Cold water, Hot Water & Sanitary Services – Main Water Reticulation Systems, Industrial, Residential, High rise, buildings, etc.

  7. Electrical Low Voltage and High VoltageSystem – Normal, Essential, Emergency to Uninterruptible Electrical, guided mainly by statutory, reliability, building and equipment requirements.

  8. Electrical Extra Low Voltage System - Building Energy Management and Automation System, Public address and Fire Communication System, Telephones and Teleconferencing System, etc.

  9. Airports, Aircraft Hangars & Other Specialised Buildings – Baggage Handling, Flight Information Display, Aircraft power, Service Pits, Aircraft Static Discharge System, Overhead Hoist and Crane System, Compressed Air, Hangar Doors, etc.

Our key Principals are qualified Green Building Index (GBI) Facilitators, which give the company a strong edge in both the Mechanical and Electrical areas of GBI.

Aside from our Technical Capabilities, our experiences in different Contract Approaches other than the conventional contracts allow us to have a better insight into these approaches:

  1. Design and build MEP Consultancy

  2. Re-engineered solution (Alternative engineering proposals for tenders)

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