Aviation Building differs in many aspects from conventional buildings mainly because of code compliance and unconventional services.  These would include:
-  Aircraft-related technologies for aircraft support and interface during docking or during maintenance, such as  aircraft power (400Hz 115VAC, 28VDC, etc), pre-conditioned air, etc, compressed air, air-start, etc.
 - Compliance with regulatory requirements related to aircraft safety, especially in the areas of fire protection and compliance with the relevant NFPA codes.
-  Other Aviation Industrial services such as compressed air, water, vacuum, fume exhaust, high current power supply and general power supply distributed over the hangar floor space through service pits, and on walls.  
-  Specialized system which includes Baggage Handling and Scanning, Flight Information Display System, Security System, etc

Aircraft Power

Service Pits

Overhead Hoist and Crane System

Aircraft Static Ground System

District Cooling Plant optimises on the economics of scale of generating and distributing cooling across a wide area.  Such Cooling Plant utilises a combination of large Cooling Equipment.  While such large equipment tends to be generally more efficient, however when the system is poorly design it can lead to substantial operation energy loss.  Therefore, a well thought through concept, right application of systems, detailed design calculation and operation analysis is necessary to achieve an efficient cooling plant.
''A design is only as good as its controls''.  Operation of large equipment requires proper design of the controls.  This includes determining of the control philosophy, settings of parameters, etc.
As part of some of our customer needs, a Financial Projection is generated based on the design and costing for the purpose of project funding or utility rates determination. 

Direct Gas Fired Absorption Chillers

Steam Absorption Chillers

Electric Chillers

Thermal Energy Storage System

Our team has the experience and knowledge in specialized facilities such as Data Centres, Healtcare Facilities and Laboratories.  Such facilities, like Data Centres, require precision especially in the Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) System and Fire Protection System (FPS).  This includes redundancy solutions for critical IT environments.
On a relatively note, Healthcare Facilities' ACMV and FPS can be distinctly different from one space to another like Operating Theatre, Isolation Rooms, Wards, and others.  In addition, Isolation Room requires special care in terms of water and drainage design.

Clean rooms are an integral part of laboratories and the microelectronics industry, especially semiconductor manufacturing. 
Effective MEP design and controls engineering are key to achieving proper air flow management towards maintaining air quality of clean rooms.

Data Centre project

Precision Air Conditioning

Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler System

Clean Room Lighting & Back-up Power System

BIM enables our project teams to make well-informed decisions faster, hence achieving more effective and efficient design.  We also use BIM for clash detection and to eliminate spatial conflicts, such as areas where the electrical and HVAC designs call for equipment to occupy the same space.
In the construction phase, BIM enables faster responses to design changes or site problems, and it supports planning and cost mangement.
BIM is Green.  It helps to reduce material waste during construction and building management. Using BIM for Energy modelling helps us to minimise energy consumption over a building's life.

Constructability Analysis and Review

2D / 3D Modelling for Design Support

VDC and Risk Analysis

Simulation and Performance Analyses

Large scale piping works poses many technical considerations that is generally absent from smaller systems.  This is because the extend of stresses, expansion, pipe losses, thermal losses, power requirement, mass and volume scales up substantially.  Such large system design requires multiple calculation and analysis such as; Pipe Stress Analysis, PIpe Thermal Analysis, Water Volume Expansion Calculations, overall system hydraulic analysis, etc.  Smaller system normally would not require such indepth calculations and analysis.

Sewage treatment plant pumping station, unlike conventional pumping station, consist of a myriad of components starting from receiving chamber, screening, grit chamber, skimming tank, sedimentation tank, secondary clarifier, activated sludge tank and drying bed for sewage.

The planning and development of utilities and M&E infrastructure master plan. 

Water Infrastructure Work

Sewerage Infrastructure Piping

Transfer pump system

Chilled Water Pipeworks

Building designs in four seasons countries and countries with extreme weather give rise to different sets of challenges.

Air Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation

Fire Sprinkler In-Rack System

Fire Deluge Sprinkler System

Early Supression Fast Response System (ESFR)

We help clients to decide their options, making sure that their choices and investments are truly beneficial over the long-term.  We provide services to review and verify that engineering design and deliverables adhere to project specifications, statutory requirements and applicable local/international codes and standards. 

We have developed our in-house Cloud-Based Inspection Applications (ADinspeC) to expedite the process of our Audit Inspection Works.

Technical Due Diligence of MEP Services

M&E Engineering Design Review and Verification


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