Convergence of Technical and Commercial

23 Dec 2022

Customers’ needs evolve with market needs and direction. Today’s buildings and their facilities ownership structures are rapidly moving away from pure self-ownership into various approaches from REIT to BOOT (Build, Own, Operate & Transfer). These approaches, as would be expected add complexity to Engineering deliverables. That said, today’s commercial viability analysis of a building and/ or facility is no longer as simple as “Price = Cost + Markup”. Financial Models developed for project viability analysis are becoming more complex and tedious, needing not only commercial variables but engineering variables as well. This is Commercial and Technical convergence into the “Techno-Commercial Space”.

One of ADC’s focus adaption as part of its continuous value improvement to its Engineering service is in this Techno-Commercial Space, and through digitalization. Our ability to develop digitalized financial models with not only commercial variables but technical variables, allows us to deliver our Engineering output beyond conventional engineering, and into this Techno-Commercial Space.

ADC’s development towards convergence of capabilities into a Techno-commercial Business Model is well captured in the article in “Asia Business Outlook Magazine – AD Consultants: Raising the bar for MEP Consultants through Promising Offerings and Services”, the link as below:

AD Consultants: Raising The Bar For Mep Consultants Through Promising Offerings & Services | Asia Business Outlook

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