Building Services (Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health)

Our primary aim is to create comfortable and well-maintained environments for the benefit of building users, operators, and owners. Planning for the full integration of building services at design stages allows for cost effective maintenance in the future.  Designing and implementing cost effective system solutions, in compliance with regulatory and especially fire requirements from both local and overseas codes.

Our philosophy is to provide engineering solutions for MEP services, which ensure the comfort, safety, health and wellbeing of the occupants of the building at the same time giving heavy consideration to the cost for doing so.

We provide Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Design Consultancy Services for a myriad of buildings including but not limited to:

Aviation Airports and Hangars

Design for Aviation Building differs in many aspects from conventional buildings. Moreover, design for buildings in four (4) season countries and countries with extreme weather give rise to different sets of challenges.

We have the capacity to provide Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health design consultancy services in the aviation sector, namely for hangar and airports. Our experiences are in the following areas:

Industrial and Specialised Plants

Industrial Plants can be of various characteristic and purpose. It is with our strong technical knowledge and experience, are we able to address such specialized requirements characterized differently in various industrial and specialised buildings, and plants.

Similarly, in terms of codes and regulatory requirements, we expect a variety of different levels of compliance required. By our exposure to various such codes, we are sufficiently confident that we have the capacity to address and understand new codes, in the event the applied codes defer from what has been practiced in our office we are also sufficiently confident that we would be able to grasp the basis behind the codes and hence correctly apply it where required.

We have the capacity to carryout pipe stress analysis.

System Efficiency & Green Capabilities

We view design, implementation and operation efficiency as a critical element of any building. This is in line with our commitment towards the increasing need for building to be energy efficient and ‘Green’. Therefore, as Consulting Engineers and GBI Facilitators, and with our wide experiences in Controls, Automation and Testing and Commissioning, we look beyond design purely for capacity and operation.

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